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Extra marketing reach from 2d animation videos? Few marketing pieces can truly be compelling without forming some sort of connection between the content and the viewer. The good news is that the right piece of animation can help you build such a relationship! We already touched upon characterization and how representation is a great way to engage your target audience. But it actually goes beyond just that. Marketing cartoons can help you illustrate your audiences’ problems in ways they can instantly relate to and get them emotionally attached to the actions, challenges, and experiences being portrayed in the piece. If Hollywood has taught us anything, it is that lively animated situations paired with eye-catching visuals can have powerful, sudden effects on an audience. Not only capturing our attention but submerging us into the action and getting us invested in the outcome. An animated cartoon that reflects your audience’s own challenges are likely to stick in their minds long after they stop watching and keep resonating with them as they look for a solution.

More and more entrepreneurs experience the vast benefits animated explainer videos have for their business. Businesses interested in starting to use these video’s will be greatly helped by first looking for the most efficient and effective way to go about this. This article gives an overview of things to do and things to avoid when creating such an animated explainer video. An animated explainer video is a short animated video for marketing or advertisement purposes. Businesses usually use animated videos to describe their brand’s products, services or achievements.

Brands today have to focus on creating an informed consumer base. This means that the information you provide has to stick with your target audience. This information has to be memorable and understandable, but most importantly, it has to be consumable. If your consumers don’t understand your services or products and their unique benefits, then convincing them to spend money becomes an excruciating task. This where 2d animated videos come into the mix. If we look at data from a user’s point of view, the human brain can process visual data about 60,000 times faster than it processes text-based data. The amount of information you can extend to your target audience in one minute using a video is significantly more than what you would be able to extend if they were to read for one minute. Discover extra info on animation video.

Brands looking to reach out to a wider audience or build greater credibility within their community often engage companies from other industries in the form of interviews, co-branded partnerships, or speaking opportunities. These opportunities help to put faces to your brand while displaying the wider applications of your product beyond your industry. While these videos don’t directly contribute to driving sales, they do serve to create potential leads for your business.

Nuts and bolts of video marketing: Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the history of business videos, let’s focus on understanding exactly what is an explainer video: A short definition says it’s the cheapest, easiest way to spread a message or sell a product. Explainers are short clips – usually between 30 seconds to a couple of minutes long – that teach a concept or promote a product or service. Since people’s attention spans are so short, successful marketing messages need to be brief and memorable. Find extra info at #animation video.