Best professional VA services online 2021

High quality virtual assistant services online by IndiaVirtualAssistant? Business owners and busy professionals are usually inundated with day to day administrative tasks which eat into the day’s productivity. We realize this and have a team of experienced virtual assistants ready to work as your administrative / executive assistant. Our virtual assistant service will help you save plenty of time and money. India Virtual Assistant aims at providing you a virtual assistant who will cater to all your needs related to administration and executive assistance. Some of the tasks our VAs are adept at handling: Managing your day-to-day calendar, including making appointments and prioritizing the most important matters. Providing administrative assistance for writing and editing emails, drafting memos and minutes of meetings on your behalf.

Once we have completely understood the business processes you wish to outsource to a virtual assistant we would sign a simple contract and soon after deploy a suitably skilled virtual assistant at our office in Delhi, India. We do not charge any advance payment unlike many of our competitors and you can exit the contract by providing just a 1-month notice. Once your project is initiated a Project Manager would be assigned to you. He/she will be your first point of contact al through your project. Based on the skill sets required we will identify the right virtual assistant to deploy to your project. We only hire the best English speaking VAs from India. Our recruitment and assessment methods are highly advanced. The client is welcome to conduct a technical interview/test in case the process is technical in nature. Virtual Assistant deployment usually takes 1-2 weeks from the signing of contract. Discover extra details at Virtual Assistant Cost.

We are an industry leader in offering data entry outsourcing services since 2015. We have provided data entry services to companies from USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore and even premier educational institutions and Governments. We have worked with large Fortune 500 clients as well as startups and small & medium size businesses and have won stellar accolades from them. We are an experienced offshore data entry company with well-trained data entry virtual assistants, guaranteeing over 99% data accuracy and exceptional speed. With the help of our data entry VA team in India, you can outsource this repetitive and labor intensive process and enjoy over 50% cost savings and no expenditure on overheads. By outsourcing you also free up your management from overseeing non-core business processes. Our data security protocols are in tune with ISO 27001 and ensure that your data and process is secure at all times.

Outsource non-core tasks to our Virtual Assistants and free up your time for growing your business. Hire a dedicated Virtual Assistant to make your life simpler. Our Virtual Assistants help you cut costs and enhance productivity by handling non-core business tasks. Our virtual personal assistants speak Fluent English, work 24×7 and have experience in a variety of business processes to enable you to scale your organization quickly, easily and cost effectively. Our virtual assistants can perform many types of tasks, including Administrative and Executive Assistance, Call Answering, Email Management, Appointment Scheduling, Social Media Management, Data Entry & Processing. See additional information on