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Buy a business or sell a business? There are several places where you can sell your business or buy a working business. Businesses are bought and sold every day, maybe you want to enter a new market or you want to exit a market. Maybe you think your business will develop to a new level with another person leading and you reached the ceiling of how high you can expand it. Let’s see some successful business deals and discuss a little about places where you can buy or sell a business.

Any business can be sold! Even websites, that are not really businesses, can be sold for a lot of money. LiveJournal just as the name suggests was a virtual community where users could keep a blog or an online digital diary, through their free open source server technology. They didn’t stop there though, they had the software allowing users to easily create blogs and diaries online they even allowed for calendars, polls, and even have guest writers. The website sold for approximately $ 25 million to Six Apart in 2007. Bankaholic is the creation of founder John Wu who also created CB Land Investments. The website itself was an online banking marketplace which basically provided its customers with credit card offers as well as interest rates and personal financial advice. The website eventually sold for $15 Million to BankRate and now has a hefty team of banking and financial professionals behind it so who knows where it could go? maybe it will be worth double the amount in a year or so.

Tips for buying a business: Let’s say your business is well-structured and it’s a legal entity. In this case, be open to small businesses loans to make it easier for a buyer in the United States, which is where most of your potential buyers might be. Nowadays, that’s the way most people buy small businesses. They take a loan from the bank, and once they know the business they’re buying is a USA entity, it makes it everything easier for them to get a loan. If the business is not American, they won’t get the loan. This will leave you with less cash and make the whole structure much less beneficial for you. If you know ahead of time you want to sell your business, maybe in 12 months or more, restructure your legal entity. Consider setting your company in the US, in the UK, or any other place but make sure you get advice from a broker because this structure will give you a better evaluation and, eventually, more bang for the buck. Remember that buyers want practicality and even though your buyer might not be in the US, my experience tells me most of them are. See more info on Buy an existing business.

Empire Flippers offers a full-service and personal approach to buying and selling online businesses. Their main goal is to minimize the friction that can occur throughout the buying and selling process and they do that by personally vetting sellers on the buyer’s behalf and they help sellers step-by-step through the process of selling their business. For buyers, peruse the Empire Marketplace to find the right online business for you and pay a 5% refundable deposit to get access to 12 months of store data. Empire Flippers also helps to facilitate communication by scheduling calls with the seller, and their team vets the store’s data so you can be sure everything’s legitimate and accurate. For sellers, Empire Flippers helps to weed out non-serious buyers, they’ll help you make more money than you would if you were selling your online business on your own, the entire sales process is done on your behalf, and they provide competitively-priced listing fees.

We Buy Websites – Is a broker company. You have to signup to their newsletter in order to see the deal flow. But, if you do that, you get an error 500 (12th October). I’ll try again in the future and report back here. As you can see from the screenshot on the left, they have a simple website with limited information. Quiet Light Brokerage – Is another high-end brokerage company. The cheapest website was listed at $30,000 USD, while the most expensive was being sold for $15 million USD. Listings on the website have only basic data, so you need to contact the broker in charge to find out everything you need about the listing. For example domain name, product, traffic numbers and other crucial information are not listed. Like several others in this space, they mention doing more than $100,000,000 in website deals. Unlike their competitors, they have educational podcasts, videos and guides which is definitely a plus. I am looking forward to checking them out again in the future! Their blog is also very informative, packed with posts such as this “Step-by-step guide to performing a financial trend analysis”

eBay is one of the most-recognized online marketplaces in the world. Ebay offers a “Quick Start” guide showing merchants how to start selling in 4 easy steps. This marketplace offers sellers to list the first 50 items per month for free. Merchants can create a “My eBay” page from which to answer questions and view sales information Ebay offers information on listing your products with the eBay catalog, the Fashion Categories, and Sports Card Accessories to name a few. Ebay also offers business consultation (for free), a Business Efficiency Guide, and Seller Development Resources, which is a program eBay designed to assist merchants in successfully selling their product.

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