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Many people are applying for the same job. If you want a job you must be noticed by the recruiter, in a sea of resumes. That’s why you need a resume writing service. Here are some tricks for a better resume for people who want to self educate about the basics. Include all your contact information so that employers can easily get in touch with you. Give your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address. If you have a LinkedIn profile or professional website, include those links as well. Under some circumstances, you might want not want to include your entire mailing address, but it is generally good practice to do so.

Make your resume sleek. Some people think that the trick to a great resume is to stuff as many accomplishments as possible into it by using tiny font and stretching the margins to the limit. The result is a resume that is difficult to read and looks cluttered and clunky. Those resumes will wind up in the “no” pile because the person in charge doesn’t have a magnifying glass handy and doesn’t care enough to try to ferret out the pertinent information. Your resume should have a clean and contemporary look and feel. Use lots of white space by maximizing margins and being as concise as possible. Also, use fonts that are clean looking like Calibri or Arial.

Assume that your resume will be viewed on a computer screen rather than on a piece of paper. Most resumes are sent, received, and managed via PC. That does not mean that the document has to be drab and ugly, visually. In fact, the opposite is true. If you do not have to conform to traditional standards of print, you can step out with attention grabbing formatting such as use of color, text animation, images, etc. The use of pdf (protected document file) format is growing, allowing for more aggressive, creative formatting.

According to Forbes, job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed with a professionally written resume. With only a few seconds to make that first impression, your resume MUST have that WOW factor to stand out among the competition. Our passion lies in crafting and developing custom, targeted resumes to showcase your accomplishments, maximize your job opportunities, and generate more interviews. Our services are concierge style, one-on-one, and extremely personalized. Your writer will learn your personality and attributes, and shape your resume in the best way possible to create a strategic marketing document that best sells your value. Most importantly, your writer will be available for your call, text, or email. See more info on Certified resume writer.

Since 2009, our talented team of US-based certified professional resume writers have been working to provide the highest quality resumes for our clients. Our goal is to ensure your resume is ATS-compatible and viewed by hiring managers. We will write your resume with the upmost quality and distinction, striving to set you apart from other candidates. Contact us today and get started toward landing your dream job tomorrow!

Will my writer specialize in my industry or profession? This is a “nice to have,” not a “must-have.” While we aim to place you with a writer that specializes in your particular field, our top-notch resume writers can do great work for an array of careers and industries. We are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and tools to conduct whatever background research is necessary to ensure you have a resume that highlights your strengths while including the necessary qualifications to help you stand out for the position you are targeting. Resume writers are experts in learning about your background and industry and writing your resume relative to your unique goals, not just a specific industry.