Clap-Serv or the ascent of a community service platform app

Clap-Serv or the climb of a community service free marketplace? With Clap-Serv, you will see customers will come looking for the service provider. The search for all services ends here. Directly deal with the clients on payment: After we setup the contact between you two, we don’t come thereafter. Our work is done. Go ahead and meet your customer or provider, and set all terms of engagement.

Community Experience: As we grow, we can take benefit of knowing another member’s experience with service providers. We can take the benefit of knowing other’s experiences, reviews and ratings of service they enjoyed. Accordingly we can decide choosing the right service provider from the listed proposals against our service need. Growth For Everyone: Let’s understand this with an example. Name any big IT company. In general, they build programs, Applications…etc right? Think one step ahead, who does that? A group of 3-4 professionals sitting inside the offices of these big corporate. What if this group of people come out and start giving the same work at a way smaller price to the same group of buyers? Joining this professional community world-wide can make it possible. Why these corporate, why not these individuals or small group of professionals with better guarantees or plan B’s in place.

Our vision is of free marketplace with true competitiveness and equal opportunity ground for every talented member of the society. The Idea has been shared by millions but none has worked through it so far. Clap-Serv is committed to bring such platform where small service providers, individuals and Freelancers can make their livelihood without being trapped through the jaws of commissions or subscription fee. Where the marketplace will serv their proposals and deals will not be based upon how much they pay to the platform owners. There will not be inequality and choosen few over large others who join these platforms for free because they do not have enough to buy subscriptions. Find even more info at Clap-Serv.

The Clap-Serv is not taking any commission or subscription fee from service providers which makes it a truly competitive market which ultimately starts filtering down to your received quotations as well. Unlimited savings, isn’t it! Go to POSTS section of the App and find all received proposals from multiple vendor. Check out the profile of providers and their previous work experience by visiting their profiles. Check out videos, pictures, brochures uploaded by the service provider and chose the best one.

Can I ask for rental or property related Services? Yes, You can and find service provider per the location your looking for. Can I go source service in different Town or City? Yes, you can. While sending the request for your service choose other address and add a new one. As professional service provider, do i need to pay any subscription charge or commission? This app is free from any subscription charges or commission charges.

The benefits of Clap-Serv are clear and precise. How will the world be different, if we get the chance to bring Clap-Serv to people around the world? We see Clap-Serv as a replacement for capitalist marketplace. We believe in true decentralization of Marketplace. A decentralized marketplace which will equip the user with endless information. Which help to make their decisions on buying services. A place where true competition will prosper. A place where community will learn how to help each other with their service need. Discover even more information on Clap-Serv.