Video brochure firm

Video mailer firm? The m&m Tech Video brochure is regarded as a novel item that the recipient keeps and shares with others. They help those who use them to conduct business stand out from their competitors. First, 71% of marketers say that video can help the company achieve more sales. When a video is included in a sales strategy, the conversion rate will increase significantly, and people are reported to be 85% more likely to buy what they are considering buying after watching the video. Second, video brochures have been shown to attract attention to other forms of marketing.

Depending on the size of the screen, amount of memory, life of the battery and quantity ordered, the average cost is between USD17 to USD30 each. For such a tremendous marketing tool, $17 to $30 per piece is not very expensive. It may seem like it when compared to traditional printed brochures and other forms of print marketing, but it isn’t when compared to other digital devices. Pls send email to our team to get the best price. More quantity, cheaper price. M&M Tech’s mission is to deliver solutions that engage audiences on a more intimate level. We design, develop, & manufacture innovative communications tools to empower global brands and agencies.

Clients say that quality occurs when someone cares enough to get it right and at m&m Tech that is what we are all about. We provide a seamless service at a competitive price to businesses and organisations who successfully want to reach and inspire niche markets with our fantastic video brochure product. We totally understand that your time is valuable and that you want to ensure the offshore production of your video brochures is being managed professionally and cost effectively. By visiting Asia regularly we ensure best technologies and relationships lead to best practice and results. Discover extra info on video brochure.

Charging: Each video marketing product comes with a USB charging cord. The USB cord can also be used to upload and download new videos to the video marketing product. Packaging: Each video marketing product is individually bubble wrapped. Premium presentation packaging is also available. Special packaging is available with extra cost. If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. M&M Tech is a leading video brochure manufacturer over 10 years, Provide a wide range of custom premium video brochure, No worries, Any defective, refund directly.

At least 48 hours( normally only 4 hours) testing of charging and discharging to guarantee it support over 2 years display. Our Li-Ion Polymer batteries come fitted with an intelligent circuit to prevent accidents due to overcharging. Use imported 3M transparent double adhesive tape to make sure each paper can be pasted tightly together. Strong corrugated carton box + buffer packing materials ensure the safe shipping before you got the video business cards parcel. See extra info on this website.