Best professional virtual assistant services online with IndiaVirtualAssistant

Affordable but high quality professional VA services online with IndiaVirtualAssistant? Our professionally trained VAs can screen the leads, make calls to enquire about the prospects current requirement and schedule appointments with your sales team. Apart from appointment setting for sales, we also do appointment scheduling for clinics, dentists, lawyers, accountants, medical practitioners, etc. Outsourcing appointment scheduling to our virtual assistants will not only save you tons of money but also boost the productivity of your sales team. Our Virtual Assistants can work 24×7 and cover any time zone. We have VOIP phone numbers from all major countries to make calls anywhere. Our VAs can provide you the following services in the area of appointment setting: Scheduling customer / prospect meetings. Scheduling of the employee discussions. Confirmation/scheduling of the meeting through e-mails. Updating the calendar with all the required meetings. Planning of participation in various business fairs and exhibitions. Planning of any meal meetings with the clients. Scheduling meetings with overseas clients.

A proven 5-Step process for quickly deploying your virtual assistant with India Virtual Assistant. We begin by understanding the business process you wish to outsource, so we are perfectly clear on the skills your virtual assistant would need. Typical questions we will put to you are; How many hours do you need per week and what time zone would the work be performed? What skills and experience are required of your virtual assistant? What would the work entail (the process)? We welcome our clients to our office in India to train their virtual assistants in person. In some cases, our Project Managers have gone to our client’s offices to get trained as well. Mostly however, clients train their virtual assistants in India via Skype, Google Hangout or other collaborative tools. We encourage our clients to provide a project training manual which can always be referred to during the project. Your Project Manager along with the deployed VA are trained as per your requirement and develop adequate skills to function effectively. See even more information at Virtual Assistant Cost.

Internet mining or online research is the process of gathering, collating and analyzing data from a range of web sources with an aim to generate useful information for business strategy and expansion. The internet research can be pertaining to gathering data for sales, clients & potential clients, market & industry trends, competitors, vendors etc. and can be sourced from multiple channels such as websites (B2B & B2C), published reports & presentations, news articles, blogs & forums, social media and via direct contact such as LinkedIn connections, emails etc. Research virtual assistants capable of delivering and adding value to your profession or business. Our dedicated virtual assistants would first be trained to your requirements and would go on to work as your remote VA, reporting in to you directly and seamlessly via online tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing has always been cost-savings. Outsource your non-core tasks to India Virtual Assistant Company to drastically reduce your manpower costs. Outsource non-core tasks which unnecessarily keeps you & your teams busy to virtual assistants in India. Do the stuff which matters most and leave the rest to us. Easily scale the size and composition of your remote assistant team to suit your immediate business requirement. With a virtual assistant in India you are able to operate your business around the clock. Our virtual assistants work 24/7 and on holidays too. We screen and hire virtual assistants with the exact skill sets that you need and relevant experience. Hiring a virtual assistant from India gives you access to talent at a 50% or lesser cost than your home country. Find extra info at this website.