10 Types of Airsoft Players

A niche sport played widely across the globe but a relatively new pastime in Ireland (circa 11 years) played with replica equipment of the worlds armed forces. Involves player to player tagging (similar to Paintball but with 6mm non-metal BBs instead of the larger paintball). Airsoft is considered more realistic than paintball using RIFs (Replica Imitation Firearms) versus a paintball marker. It is also less powerful so once you are covered up, you wont be left with bruises or marks! Airsoft can be played with mesh masks instead of glass lens which means your mask doesnt fog! Lastly as unlimited ammo is standard with all our packages it doesnt hurt your pocket compared with the typical cost of going paintballing.

Airsoft is a niche sport recognised by the Confederation of Irish Sports. Its representative body is the Irish Airsoft Association or (IAA). In the Republic of Ireland Airsoft is a fairly new phenomenon having only recently become a feasible pursuit with the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act of 2006, despite being a widespread and immensely popular pursuit in many other countries worldwide.

Fortunately, every airsoft players is naturally competitive to some extent. It’s the sports natural nature. But let us compare airsoft to E-Sport for a moment.

Competitions gave rise to highly skilled and knowledgeable players, and games such as League of Legends holds a high standard for the title “Pro” or “All-Star.” But what does airsoft do to measure a player capability? Sadly, theres nothing at the moment.


When it comes to your gearbox, check for any issues with the wiring, springs, and widgets. Any deficiencies will lead to your BBs coming out at random FPS and grouping

It is worthy to note that every legendary airsoft gun out there has had most parts within its gearbox upgraded. The better designed your gearbox is, the better your BBs grouping and shots consistency will be

Also, don’t buy a new gearbox unless your current one is damaged. Every out of the box gearbox is flawed in huge ways. Only you can make the ideal gearbox for your gun and in ways that is cheapest

The sad part is unlike any other part of your gun, troubleshooting and improving your gearbox is the most complicated process. We strongly advise that you consult with your local tech before attempting any modification and purchasing parts on your own. More at TheAirsoftSport Blog.

Strip Your Gun of BBs and Put It on Safety

When the airsoft game is over, everyone will be heading out of the field to reload/pack up. At this point, everyone’s face protection will be off, and a lot of possibilities for your airsoft gun to accidentally hurt someone

A direct shot into someone’s eyes at 150FPS can render them blind PERMANENTLY. The last thing you want is someone filing a lawsuit against you. You can break an arm and a leg financially going through all that process

For your sake and everyone else, remove your magazine and fire a couple of shots to empty the loaded BBs. Put your gun on safety then head out. The same applies even when you’re at home.

Taking Airsoft Guns is Also Illegal in California

Airsoft Law and Regulation in California also makes it illegal for anybody without permission from the principal to carry airsoft guns in school. This law covers both public and private schools

Do Not Brandish this in Public

Its illegal also to draw airsoft guns in public or threaten to inflict physical harm to just anyone unless its for self-defense which is considered the only exception to the rule

The Camera Man

Have someone come up to you to ask “Am I recording?” We personally experienced an entire team full of these guys.

These people record games for a variety of reasons. Capture their play of the game, spot cheater, collect footage for Youtube, or to help them improve their skills.

Most of the time, these guys can be entertaining to watch Extra details on TheAirsoftSport Blog.