NCI500 Cryptocurrency Index Benchmark-

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The index is calculated in realtime. All values refer to the close of the previous day, considered to be at 00:00 UTC. Not too surprisingly, the index is a much better investment vehicle than Bitcoin itself. We have evaluated the performance of the NetcurrencyIndices since the beginning of August 2017. Today (October 2018) Bitcoin is up by about approx. 80% . The Netcurrencyindices are up by approx. 100% to 300% because the other cryptocurrencies have actually done much better than Bitcoin, with a higher Sharp ratio. Therefore, investing in the index allows investors to profit from the unforecastable raise of some cryptocurrencies, while limiting the losses deriving from the fall of others.

Tokens are portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Our Coin/Token is based on the frequently changing – to go all time with the strongest – main 500 cryptocurrencies in the market. The monthly paid Dividend is based on our Arbitage ATDSystem.

In our NCI 30, the strongest 30 Cryptocurrencies are included after marketcap. The NCI 100 contains the strongest 100 crypto currencies and in the NCI 500 the strongest 500 after marketcap. Every 5 minutes these are adjusted according to marketcap so they are updated automatically all the time and show the real, fully natural market circumstances which happened at last on all international Crypto Exchanges for each Crypto currency. More details about NCI30 Cryptocurrency Index Benchmark

NCI500+ can do things that were impossible before It would take more than a month to buy 500 coins. It is time consuming registering at numerous exchanges, and rebalancing is almost impossible to do manually.

We implemented our slogan “Smart Ideas for your Money” here and created various and absolutely unique indices for the crypto currency and the Blockchain Industry sectors as well as an arbitrage trading system based on AI -Articical Intelligence Both together offer an unique opportunity to participate in the market of digital currencies and allied companies and projects in unprecedented ways.

After successful PreSale we now offers beginning with our CrowdSale at 28 Nov 20.00 UTC everybody to join and participate from our Index Family from over 99% of all existing Cryptocurrencies by marketcap ranking. Frequently daily updated to go all time with the strongest and best growing related Companies in automatic way.

The market of digital cryptocurrencies can not be measured by the standards. we know from the usual financial markets. The rapidly evolving market, with its steady changes, also requires responses that match the pace of development. Read more