Coin Flip prediction game

Quiz games are hot and here are a few lists on this topic. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire goes mobile with the Millionaire Trivia app (Android, iOS), which translates the game show experience to the touch screen. This app puts a pair of players through a battery of trivia questions of increasing difficulty, with classic lifelines such as 50:50, Ask The Audience, and Ask An Expert. You’re playing for points and leaderboard spots rather than PayPal cashouts, and a system of coins and unlockable mystery boxes are among the free-to-play elements, but it’s still a fun trivia experience that you can play in short bursts.

Standard trivia games are often too hard for kids, which is why the Professor Noggin Card Game by Outset Media gets the nod as the best alternative for families. This game comes in a variety of subjects, including kid-friendly topics like history, pets, birds and dinosaurs. You can buy one or several, each one with a focus on a topic your kids are interested in. Each Professor Noggin game is for two to eight players, and these trivia challenges are ideal for kids age 7 and older. There are 30 cards included in the game, and each contains three hard and three easy questions to accommodate players of various knowledge levels. To play, each person rolls the dice and is asked a question from one of the trivia cards. If you get the answer correct, you get to keep the card; otherwise, it goes to the bottom of the deck. The object of the game is to collect the most cards and be crowned the winner.

Silicon Flip : The rules of this game are very simple. The game begins by you flipping a virtual coin and predicting whether the coin will land heads or tails side up. If you are correct then you get 1 point, but if you are wrong then you are given a general knowledge quiz question to answer. If you get the question right then your score will remain unchanged, but if you get it wrong then you lose 1 point. This process is then repeated until you either run out of time – you only have 5 minutes to complete the game – or you reach the 10 points needed to win. More on General knowledge quiz.

The app that started the craze. HQ Trivia is a daily trivia game show where you simply need to answer 12 questions to win a split of the pot. The daily weekday cash pot has risen to $5000 with a new tradition emerging for Sunday’s game – $25,000 with a non-stop stream of questions until players are whittled down to one lucky winner. It has turned regular host Scott Rogoswky into an internet celebrity as he provides an entertaining performance as the quiz master extraordinaire. The app itself has improved significantly since launching on iOS in October 2017 – stream quality (and most importantly, stability) is improving and the servers seem to be handling the larger influx of users better now since launching for Android. You can play it alone, but it’s much more fun to play in a big group.