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We are a specialty independent pharmacy, providing home delivery of prescription medication to your workers compensation and motor vehicle accident patients. We not only aid our clients in navigating the red tape of a workers compensation or automobile claim, but we also help ease the burden on you and your practice by working with insurance carriers to collect payment on claims.

Mistakes: Procrastinating after an accident. Why procrastinate if you are in pain? Call the office most convenient for you TODAY! A consultation with the doctor is always at no charge, and we can better assess your needs after speaking with you.

AFTER AN ACCIDENT SEE A DOCTOR WITHIN 72 HOURS FOR YOUR HEALTH & MORE SETTLEMENT MONEY. A big mistake people make after a vehicle accident is in having what is called a delay in treatment. A delay in treatment is failing to see a physician as soon as possible. There are two reasons why this is a big mistake.

When youre injured in an accident and you need medical treatment, your medical insurance is normally the first place you turn when you need to pay for your medical bills. But what happens when you dont have medical insurance? Even if you dont have medical insurance, you still have a few options available to you including med pay, Medicaid, no fault insurance and payment arrangements.

If youre struggling to pay your bills after youve been injured, a personal injury lawyer can also help you explore your options.

Accident pharmacy: Our processes are extremely simple and completely hassle free, since we understand that administrative hassles are the last thing anyone wants to face while injured. We remove the need for annoying paperwork and cut through administrative red tape to ensure that the patient is untroubled and is not left vulnerable to many of the situations that can arise during personal injury recoveries.

Legal info : With your client already in an extremely vulnerable state, he/she should not have to deal with claims denials, lack of immediate funds and lack of pharmacy access. Hence Accident Pharmacy provides its services throughout the US across 59000 plus pharmacies, so that the victim has ready access of prescribed medication, regardless of his/her location. We also deliver medicines to your clients doorstep, that too within 24 hours, so that there is no break in medication which means auto, slip and fall attorneys can always bank on us.

Every year, millions of people get injured in car accidents or mishaps involving commercial vehicles. The first thing they require is proper medication. But not all people suffering on account of car accidents carry personal injury claims. This is where Accident Pharmacy comes into picture.

Accident Pharmacy is a pharmacy service for personal injury victims of auto accidents and slip and fall on lien. Through a network of more than 59000 pharmacies nationwide, which includes all major pharmacies, we provide access to or even deliver the prescribed medication to the victims doorstep, within 24 hours of ordering.Unlike most pharmacy services on lien, Accident Pharmacy requires No Co-Pay and there are No hidden deductibles either. You can take the services of Accident Pharmacy with confidence, knowing that at least in one area, you will be secure and have peace of mind, in case you do face an unfortunate situation like an car accident.
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