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Back office support specialists with IndiaRep? Training & Onboarding: We welcome our clients to our office in India to train their teams in person. In some cases, our Project Managers have gone to our client’s offices to get trained as well. Mostly however, clients train their remote teams in India via Skype or other collaborative tools. We encourage our clients to provide a project training manual which can always be referred to during the project. Your Project Manager along with the deployed staff are trained as per your requirement and develop adequate skills to function effectively. We encourage implementing a train-the-trainer model wherein your staff guide ours in developing the skills and knowledge they need to deliver the course to subsequent hires themselves.

Data entry is our most popular service offering and also one of the most commonly outsourced business processes globally. Being a labor-intensive task, clients prefer outsourcing data entry, data cleaning, data processing and management-related tasks to BPOs and data entry companies like India Rep Co. The primary incentive for offshore data entry being the amazing cost savings, complete control over the offshore team, high output, and the ability to ramp the team up or down at short notice.

A large project can require skills that your staff simply does not possess. On-site outsourcing of the project, where you effectively bring in contractors to operate at your own location, can provide you with the people who possess the skills you need. Meanwhile, your people can work beside them to acquire the new skill set. Example: A company must embark on a replacement/upgrade project of a variety of custom-built equipment. Your engineers don’t have the skills required to design this new and upgraded equipment. Outsourcing this project and requiring the outsourced engineers to work on-site allows your engineers to learn and perfect their own skills.

SQL Data Mining – We can deploy SQL data mining when large volumes of data are expected to be scraped or extracted and analyzed for modeling. MS Excel Data Mining – We can mine information from existing Excel databases and also analyze the data to derive correlations between indicators etc. We can also apply formulas and macros and process the data to make the data more meaningful and ready for use in any application. MS Word & PDF Data Mining – We can extract and analyze text from large word files pr printed & scanned material. This service is useful for industries such as legal services, financial services, medical & scientific research organizations etc. See more details on Data entry company.

By partnering with a specialist eCommerce support services company like India Rep Co., your eCommerce company or department can efficiency scale up and reach a wider customer base thanks to outsourcing of non-core tasks. Our range of services include Order Processing, Fulfilment, Product Information Management, eCommerce Listings, Customer Service etc. Outsourcing to India enables companies to save on costs and enhance efficiency due to multi-shift operations and 24/7 coverage. This is extremely important in areas of order processing and customer service.

Our reps can perform many types of tasks, including: Data Entry, Processing & Management, Catalog Management, Back Office Services, Content Moderation Services, Data Mining, eCommerce Support Services, Customer Support, Virtual Assistant Services. Outsourcing Reduces Cost: The biggest benefit of outsourcing has always been cost-savings. Partner with us to build an offshore back-office team to drastically reduce your costs. Focus on Business Growth: Outsource non-core tasks which unnecessarily keeps your management busy. Do the stuff which matters most and leave the rest to us. See even more details on here.