Clap-Serv or the growth of a community service platform

The growth of a community service free marketplace app : Clap-Serv? Find the service provider at best price: Now pay what your pocket allows, Clap-Serv design is as such which allows you to find the best proposals at best price. Some people can’t afford a high paid services, so what they can’t be left alone, let’s start small. Pay for what you think, you can afford and seek providers who will.

Best Way To Communicate Your Need: We believe that every customer has got his unique service request. The key to successful completion of that service request is hidden within understanding of that service requirement. But sometimes that unique need communicating becomes really difficult and confusing. Not only for customer but also for service providers to understand their need. In the rush to get that customer, they might not pay proper attention on the requirement and then there will always be an expectation mis-match. Did you ever experience it? I am sure you must have, that’s very common. Try Clap-Serv. Its unique methodology has re-defined the way service requirements are given or Taken. It communicates the full clarity and understanding of the requirement and the proposals received.

Clap-Serv challenge the conventional methods of moneymaking platforms which says they care for small service providers and freelancers but have ended up snatching jobs from their hand giving it to others who pay them heavily. We have designed our platform in such a way, that communicating the unique need of ours has become super easy. Clap-Serv has solved this problem of yours…no need to call vendors, yet they can understand perfectly what you need. No need to go through multiple calls to negotiate. No need to call people at home abd then deciding terms of business. Now just put down your service request, wait for proposals, compare, negotiate and Hire. Read even more details on Clap-Serv.

Believe it or not but with the help of Clap-Serv, you can do endless customization of your service requirement. How?? Use videos, images and attachment for the customization of your service requirement. These are the tools you can use at your fingertips to communicate your service requirement better. Unlock the potential of this app in finding the right service provider for you. Your search for any of your unique service requirement ends here. Now post your unique service request and customize it with the help of images, video and document.

Can I ask for rental or property related Services? Yes, You can and find service provider per the location your looking for. Can I go source service in different Town or City? Yes, you can. While sending the request for your service choose other address and add a new one. As professional service provider, do i need to pay any subscription charge or commission? This app is free from any subscription charges or commission charges.

The benefits of Clap-Serv are clear and precise. How will the world be different, if we get the chance to bring Clap-Serv to people around the world? We see Clap-Serv as a replacement for capitalist marketplace. We believe in true decentralization of Marketplace. A decentralized marketplace which will equip the user with endless information. Which help to make their decisions on buying services. A place where true competition will prosper. A place where community will learn how to help each other with their service need. See more details on Clap-Serv.