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High quality air bladder manufacturer today? Soft actuators include any number of actuation technologies (piezoelectric, pneumatic, shape-memory, etc.) that leverage soft or compliant components in their structure. Soft actuators can range from mostly rigid devices with flexible components to highly elastic structures, but their common goal is to improve the resilience and conformability of the soft robotic structures that they power. HASEL actuators are a subset of soft actuators that uses an electrohydraulic mechanism to drive shape change in a soft hydraulic structure. Peano-HASEL actuators are a specific type of HASEL actuator that demonstrates controllable linear contraction on activation, much like biological muscle; their name is a nod to the Peano fluidic actuators that served as an inspiration for their design. At Artimus, we do not differentiate between a HASEL actuator and a Peano-HASEL actuator, instead preferring to refer to our entire suite of devices as HASEL actuator technology.

The term “artificial muscle” is often used as an umbrella term for various soft actuator technologies that use bioinspired design – for instance in their structure, materials, or operating principles — to achieve muscle-like performance. HASEL artificial muscles, the proprietary soft actuator technology behind Artimus Robotics, are able to achieve life-like performance with electrically controlled hydraulic structures. HASEL actuator technology offers a combination of lightweight materials, low power requirements, and controllable output and can be implemented in a variety of form factors and actuation modes. Artificial muscles are finding applications in a wide range of fields such as biomedical devices, industrial automation, virtual and augmented reality, national defense, and many more!

HASEL actuator force and displacement output is variable and highly controllable with an analog voltage signal. HASEL actuators provide physical input to increase the transmission of information between humans and machine interfaces. Wearable prosthetics. This is one of the major applications of soft actuators we might see in the near future. Current prosthetics cannot replicate the precise soft tissue and muscle action we see in arms, hands, and legs, but soft actuators could go a long way to getting us there. Recent attempts at replicating precise movement have been facilitated by impractical, bulky machinery. Any advances made by soft robotics would be lightweight, supple, and much more user-friendly. See additional info at

HASEL actuator technology enables smart, versatile and compact motion solutions. Originally developed at the University of Colorado Boulder and spun out into Artimus Robotics in 2018, this breakthrough actuation technology details the benefits and eliminates the downfalls of prior soft robotics technologies. Currently, we offer custom engineered HASEL actuators to drop into your human-machine solution. Our technology is completely electrically controlled and offers extremely diverse motion; perfect for your human-machine interface applications.

Artimus Robotics engineers, designs, and manufactures connected hardware which offers intelligent lifelike motion for the next generation of automation, robotics, and consumer devices. We make a meaningful and positive impact on the way the world moves for the benefit of both individuals and society. Interested in purchasing only one HASEL actuator? Not interested in the power supply? No problem. Any product in the development kit can be individually purchased and customized to your unique application. Contact our team for questions about customization. See more information on this website.