Transport solicitors and operators licence application

Road haulage lawyers and operators licence application? The Traffic Commissioner will take an active role in asking questions and challenging your evidence, before making a decision on whether the vehicle should be returned. Again, Smith Bowyer Clarke has a wide experience of successfully securing the release of seized trucks at Traffic Commissioner hearings. Our record is exceptional. Speak to one of our transport lawyers today for a free initial consultation. The UK authorities can seize any EU owned truck suspected of unlawful cabotage operations in the UK. Even if the vehicle was inside the “3 in 7” rule the truck can still be seized if its paperwork is not in order.

If you cannot show that you have an effective system in place and that it was being properly operated on the day, as the haulier you can ultimately be liable to pay up to £4,000 per migrant. If you fail to pay your penalty you can expect your vehicle to be seized and sold or even destroyed by the UK Border Force. You have the right to appeal against both the imposition of your Civil Penalty, and its amount. The appeal process consists of two routes: A Notice of Objection to the Border Force. This entails the submission of written representations and supporting evidence to the Border Force. Using this route, our transport lawyers have a high success rate in dramatically reducing the amount of penalty payable, without the need to go to court. This is often the most cost-effective route.

Expert team of Barristers and Solicitors with years of experience in providing advice and representation in Road Transport Law.Road Transport Lawyers for HGV and PSV Operators and Drivers in the UK and around Europe. If your company or your driver faces police investigation or have received a Single Justice Procedure Notice or Court summons, call our team today. Offences committed in cars and vans can adversely affect your operator’s licence and should not be lightly brushed aside. Read extra info at O licence application.

What Should I Do After They Have Left? When the DVSA leave you will feel as though a typhoon has struck. Do not think that you can relax once you have restored all your documentation to its proper place. Invariably the DVSA officer will have made some suggestions so ACT ON THEM. Do not stick your head in the sand because if the visit was not a happy one then the machinery will grind remorselessly on unless you have taken steps to stop it. If you haven’t already done so, your first step should be a free initial consultation with a specialist transport lawyer . They will be able to advise on what needs to be done to give you the best chance of resolving matters before they go before the Traffic Commissioner.

Tachograph Offences: Facing investigation or prosecution for tachograph offences? We can help you. Our transport solicitors and barristers are all highly experienced in this technical area of law. Whether you are facing criminal prosecution, a hearing before the Traffic Commissioner, or a DVSA / VOSA investigation, make sure you get specialist, confidential legal advice. Call us today on 01332 987420 or email Operators should be aware that offences found during roadside stops will usually lead to a DVSA / VOSA inspection of your operating centre. Discover additional info at Transport Solicitors.