Port Canaveral parking advices

Although most people tend to focus on the destination or activities available in port, your ship choice may make or break your vacation. Some cruises are known for being family friendly, while others are better suited for a romantic gettaway or singles escape. Each cruise line has its own personality, so you’ll want to be sure to choose the right atmosphere for you. There’s also a lot of variety among ships when it comes to onboard facilities. These days you can enjoy everything from fine dining and spa treatments to zip lining and water slides, all while still at sea! With the vast array of amenities and itineraries each cruise has to offer, you’re bound to find a boat that sparks your interest. Just be sure to match your preferences with a fitting ship. That way you can make the most of your vacation time, both at port and on the open ocean.

These days some cruise lines (like Carnival) are offering staggered check-in where passengers have a 30-minute check-in window. This is to help spread crowds through the entire boarding time. If, however, you are free to board at anytime, then it’s a smart move to check-in later. Many passengers like to be among the first to board the ship, leading to a traffic jam when boarding starts. But as the day progresses, the crowds get thinner, making it quick and easy to get through security and check-in with only a few minutes of your time. More details on cruise parking Port Canaveral.

Cruising is a vacation value, for sure, but driving to your cruise is a money saver as well. Not only are you saving money on airfare and bag fees, but you have the opportunity to save on parking too. Hotels in many ports offer some sort of “cruise and stay” package where you can park your car at the hotel for the duration of your cruise for free provided you’re staying there at least one night before or after you sail. Some hotels even offer free or discount shuttles to and from the cruise terminal. In Port Canaveral, nearly a dozen hotels — from Holiday Inns to Best Westerns to Four Points by Sheraton — offer cruise and stay packages. Spend a few minutes online looking for packages at hotels near your cruise terminal and you’ll find similar arrangements no matter where you depart.

Once you exit the ship, you’ll head downstairs towards customs. If you’ve tagged your bags to be picked up outside your room and delivered to your room, you’ll need to find them before going through customs. There are lots of bags, but the sections are well labelled so they are easy to find. I usually check bags for longer cruises, and carry my own for shorter ones. After you see the customs officials, you’ll walk out of the terminal to find the various transportation options. If you are taking the Disney transportation to the airport or the theme parks, they are very easy to find and run continuously.

Park N Cruise opened its gates in April 2011. To begin, we had 350 available parking spaces on about 3 acres of Merritt Island. We began operating with the idea that we wanted to bring excellent customer service, a sense of comfort, and an outstanding product to people looking for Port Canaveral cruise parking. And we wanted to provide it all at a great value. Seven years later, these principles still hold true. The Park N Cruise family thanks everyone who has parked with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing all the cruisers that we have yet to meet!